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  Welcome to my amateur astronomy web site

We are not human beings on a temporary spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a temporary human journey.
-- Adapted from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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I am a deep sky fanatic (a geek, as those who know me often say), especially galaxies and nebulae, but I also like to look at the planets and the Moon. I haven't really been too interested in comets, variable stars, etc. but try to keep an open mind as I may travel that path in the future. I've logged all of Messier's 110 (109), many from midtown Tucson, AZ using a 6" reflector and have completed a Messier Marathon using a 20" Obsession reflector. I had originally planned to capture images of all of the Messier objects using the 20" and an SBIG ST-237 CCD camera, but I never got around to that - mainly because I had a hard time not using the 20" for visual observing. Now, I no longer have the 20" Obsession, having sold it in order to purchase a 25" Obsession. I received the 25" primary from Galaxy Optics on January 7, 2003 and received the 25" Obsession telescope on January 8, 2003. I've tried to go out viewing with the new scope every new moon since. If I have but one word to describe the 25" Obsession: Awesome.

My goal for this web site is to share my enthusiasm for amateur astronomy. I plan to eventually post film photography and CCD and digital camera images from my viewing sessions.

Please contact me at sam@balinka.com for questions or comments about the content of this website. I've put a lot of work into this website and would like to be credited for the content. I would also like to know who is interested in what I have created. To this end, the following copyright notice is posted:



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